Conducting Mass Interviews? Dodge Your Office And Use A Conference Center

If you need to fill dozens of positions at your place of business and you aren't sure how you can do open interviews, or how you can do several interviews at once, consider getting a conference center. You can rent out a conference center and get the hiring done without hassle.

There are many benefits for business owners who choose to go to another location away from your property to do the interviews and hiring. Here are some things you should think about when deciding whether to get a conference center room or not.

Do You Have Enough Parking?

Is there enough space in your current parking lot to hold all of the regular daily staff, along with tons of people that are coming in for interviews? If not, a conference center is going to have enough parking to accommodate all of the potential staff members. It will also be easy for people to come and go, since there are no security requirements or permit requests at a conference center.

Are Mass Interviews a Distraction?

If you are having dozens of people or more coming in throughout the day, it could be a huge productivity distraction for your staff members. Think to yourself, is this going to prevent people from getting the work they need done, and is it going to take away from other things you have going on? Taking the interviews away from the commercial property keeps everyone focused on work, and not focused on potential people trying to get a new job.

Do You Need an Open Space?

A conference center makes the interviewing process easy because it's in an open space. You can set up tables and lines for the different positions. If someone gets past the first interview you can send them to a table where they can get a second interview, or you can thank them for coming and tell them to wait for a response. You have an open room, restrooms and other facilities.

It can make people very nervous at your current business office to see tons of other people coming in and out for job interviews, and instead you'll want to consider getting a different location. By renting conference facilities, you can dedicate one day and get most of the interviews out of the way, and then you can just call people back as needed for their final interviews to get positions with your company.