Ensure Your Guests Are Comfortable During Your Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are often very romantic and beautiful. If you plan to have a wedding at the beach, it is important to make sure that you plan ahead to ensure that your guests can be as comfortable as possible while you say your vows. The following guide walks you through a few things to take into consideration when planning your beach wedding.

Consider that Women May be Wearing Heels

When women come to weddings they often dress in a nice dress and a pair of heels. Walking in the sand in heels will be very difficult for many women. Consider creating a walkway with paving stones for women to use to get to the wedding area. The paving stones can be removed when the wedding is over and will serve as a solid place for your guests and your bridal party to walk on the beach. A walkway can also be rented from a party rental company to use at your beach wedding.

Consider the Bright Rays of the Sun

The sun can be quite bright when the rays bounce up from the sand. Consider having some awnings draped with light material over the seating area so that your guests can see what is going on during the entire wedding ceremony. A local party rental company may have large awnings or tents that you can use to create shade during the ceremony to block the bright sunlight.

Consider the Cold Breeze Coming off the Ocean

As the wind blows off of the water, a cool breeze can often be created. Be sure that your female guests can stay warm during the ceremony by having wraps available in a basket near the entrance to the ceremony location. This will provide them with something to wrap around them during the ceremony and leave them with a wonderful gift to take with them after the wedding is over.

Consider the Other People on the Beach

If you are having your wedding ceremony on a public beach, it's important to know that people may be walking by the area while they enjoy the beach. It can be quite distracting to your guests to see joggers and people walking their dogs passing behind you while you are saying your vows. Consider renting a large backdrop that extends a few feet further than the podium where you will be standing when you get married. This will help people to be able to focus on you and your spouse and not the people walking by the ceremony.

If you take these things into consideration, everyone will be able to enjoy your wedding with ease because everything will be as comfortable as possible. Many of these considerations are not too costly and can be rented from a party rental company to make set up and take down a breeze.