More Than Just Eye Candy: 2 Ways Trade Show Models Can Help Make Your Next Show A Huge Success

If you will be attending your first trade show as a business owner, then you may be debating on whether to hire trade show models to help draw attention to your display or not. You may think that these models are simply "eye candy" to attract more eyes to your display, and while that is one benefit of having models present, it is not the only benefit if you plan the models' tasks wisely. Along with having your models hand out your business cards and brochures, here are two great ways you can have your models contribute to your booth and lead to very successful day.

1. Use Photo Ops to Promote Your Website

You can hand out as many promotional brochures and business cards as you can at the show, but there is no guarantee that the attendees will visit your website to gain additional information about your company. A seasoned entrepreneur credits a large increase in his website traffic after a trade show to offering to take photos of show attendees with their favorite models. He did not give the attendees copies of the photos, and instead just kept the files until after the show and posted them on his business website blog.  After leaving the show, attendees who had their photos taken with the models had to visit his website to look at the photos and download them if they wanted a copy. This got more investors and potential customers to seek out his website after the show.

Sure, the attendees may have made their initial visit to the site simply to see their photos, but what he achieved was more than that. Attendees now had their eye on his product or service after visiting the site, which helped him stick out from the crowd of other businesses who may have offered similar services or products. 

2. Hire Double-Duty Models with Sales Experience

Many trade show model agencies have a large number of models you can choose from, and some have backgrounds in sales. If you want to not only promote your business at your trade show but also leave with new clients and customers, then hiring at least one model who has a background in sales can help you seal more deals. This especially comes in handy if you have a small staff with few to no employees dedicated to sales. 

Studies have shown that attractive people are often more successful in sales than people with average looks, and a temporary sales staff at your trade show booth composed of models who are both smart and good looking can help you take advantage of this fact in the form of more deals sealed on the spot. 

If you are attending your first trade show, then take every step you can to make it a great experience that leads to brand recognition and even on-the-spot sales and deals. Trade show models can be great assets to your display, and they are more than just pretty or handsome faces. The first step to hiring trade show models is finding an agency that has models with both beauty and brains. One place you can check out is