Three Hidden Costs That Could Harm Your Wedding Venue Budget

You have found the perfect venue for your big day. You have a budget and fortunately the venue fits in perfectly with how much you wanted to spend. Once you have planned all the rest of the details of your wedding, you can then sit back and enjoy the moments before you walk down the aisle. Once you get your bill for the venue, you may be surprised to find out it is more than you thought. When signing the contract for your wedding venue, it is important that you read it from top to bottom to avoid missing any important details that could signify a little extra money out of your pocket. The location can also present many problems that can cause you to spend more later. In order to avoid going over budget, here are some unexpected wedding venue expenses to look for. 

More Electricity

Whether you are choosing to get married on a beach or in a rustic barn, the amount of electricity offered can be very little. In order to get the amount of light you need or have enough electricity for your DJ to play, you may have to bring in a generator. Portable generators are great for supplying power to remote locations and can usually cost you anywhere from $100 to $3,000. Before your big day, you want to tour the venue to see if there is plenty of power available for everything you need. You can also look into renting a generator if you don't want to invest in the purchase of one. 

Climate Control

One of the hardest things to control on your big day is the temperature. Just because your venue may have heat or air condition, it doesn't mean it will be enough to keep your guests comfortable. A summer wedding outside may require the use of fans. This added feature can set you back several hundred dollars depending on what size you choose. If your wedding is set for the winter, you may want to think about adding some space heaters to help keep your guests warm. This will help open up other areas of the venue that would not normally be available because of the temperature. For example, if you have a patio available at your venue, you could place a few space heaters so that guests can enjoy socializing on the patio. 


Many couples choose to get married in a public place like a beach or in a park. The setting can help cover many of the decor expenses naturally so you end up saving some money. Unfortunately, it can also present a hidden cost that you may not be aware of. Permits may be required for certain areas you choose to have your wedding at. Not only is a permit required for certain locations, the city could ask you to provide insurance. For example, a permit fee for Central Park in New York City could run you $400. If you plan to get married in a public location, you should check into whether you need to purchase a permit and insurance. 

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