4 Services To Consider When Looking For Event Space

When looking for event space, there are many important services to consider looking into. If the venue provides these services, it can definitely be easier to determine whether or not the event space is going to be accommodating for you and your guests. Here are four services to consider when you are looking for event space in Chicago:

  1. Catering: Many event spaces in Chicago will provide catering services to come with your reservation of the space. This is typically cheaper than bringing in your own catering services. Catering can definitely be beneficial for your event because it keeps guests engaged, which ensures that they aren't going to leave early. This is even important if you are simply hosting a business get-together. By providing food, your employees stay engaged and are more likely to contribute to the meeting and gain something of value from it. 
  2. Seating: Some venues will provide seating when you reserve the space while others will not, especially if it is an outdoor event space. In some cases, you will have to rent your own tables, chairs, and linens. In order to save yourself time and stress, it's definitely beneficial to find an event space that provides seating for you. This is especially important if you are not from the area and will be traveling in. Most likely, when traveling, you won't know who to go to for the best chair and table rentals and you likely won't have time to figure that out either.
  3. Setup and Cleanup Help: When hosting an event in Chicago, especially if you are from out of town, you are probably going to want to be sure that the venue provides a setup and cleanup crew to save you time. This also helps you avoid any kind of additional fees that typically come with a venue that does not provide cleanup services. If you don't clean up fully, you will be charged for it. 
  4. Audio and Visual Equipment: If you are setting up a meeting, plan on having music, or would like lighting that centers attention on a speaker and more, then you are going to want to choose an event space that provides these services to set up for you when you arrive. This way, you don't have to find this type of audio and visual equipment on your own and learn how to use it. When a venue provides it, they have professionals who are experienced with using the equipment and who are familiar with the event space so that they know how to best set it up for success. 

When you look for these four services when choosing an event space in Chicago, the event that you are putting together can run as smoothly as possible. 

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