Kick Up The Fun With These Game Ideas For Your Bounce House Rental

When your child is having a birthday party, his or her eyes will widen upon looking into the backyard and seeing a rented bounce house being set up. This venue can provide countless hours of fun for your child and all of the party's young attendees. And, with some careful adult supervision, you'll be able to make sure that the children stay safe as the bounce the afternoon away. To avoid children developing their own games (which could include wrestling or other activities that could lead to injuries), it's a good plan to have some game suggestions ready in the event that the kids get bored with the simple act of bouncing. Here are some ideas.

Animal/Object Bounce

Get as many kids in the bounce house as it will allow, and have them bounce up and down. Stand at the door of the house and shout of the names of different animals and objects. When you say the word, the children have to continue bouncing as though they're that thing. For example, if you say "dinosaur," the kids should bounce while making roaring sounds. If you say "airplane," the kids should bounce with their arms held out to the sides like wings.

Music Bounce

The simple game of musical chairs is fun for young children at birthday parties, but the entertainment only increases when you add a rented bounce house to the mix. The premise of this game is that the kids should all bounce around the house while you play music, and then stop bouncing as quickly as possible when you shut off the music. Similar to the game of musical chairs, the last kid to stop bouncing will have to step out of the house, and then you can resume the music and continue this pattern. The game continues until only one child remains.


In larger bounce houses, you'll actually be able to have the kids play sports in small teams. If your rented house is large, form small teams of the party's attendees and place a soft, inflatable ball in the house. Use sections of two of the walls as nets, and then have the teams square off on a game of bouncy soccer. There will be plenty of laughs during this fun twist on the sport, as kids will be able to bounce and kick the ball, as well as deflect the ball off the walls to pass it to each other. For larger parties, make up several teams and organize a tournament.

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