Three Steps To Making Sure A Long Wedding Ceremony Is Comfortable

Getting married is a once in a lifetime event for most. If you want to make sure that your wedding is as fabulous for yourself and your guests as possible you will need to be attentive to the details of the wedding ceremony. Your first order of business should be to making sure that the ceremony takes place in a calm environment that is temperature regulated. The second order of business should be to take care of the seating. If you have to set up your own seating, you can get chair rentals  to seat all of your guests. Her are three steps to making sure the wedding seating is comfortable. 

Get chairs with cushion

Sitting on a hard, cold chair or bench can be difficult for anyone. Children may begin to fidget, older people may have a hard time sitting around, and those who have disabilities cannot be able to sit in hard seats at all. Order chair rentals that come with a good cushion so that your guests can sit comfortably. If you are not able to find seats that have a cushion built in, order or rent cushions and have your decorator place these inside of each seat the day before the ceremony. 

Get high backs

Having a long ceremony is one of the best ways to include everyone in your ceremony and get the most out of your big day. If you intend on having a long ceremony, rent chairs that have a high back. A chair with a high back is most comfortable because they will not cut into the back of anyone who is tall. It is also easy to sit back and not have to hold up any of your own weight in a high back chair. Chairs with high backs also make it easier for younger kids to sit up. 

Keep the decor at a minimum

Though it is common to hang banners, tapestries, and other decorations from the chairs, it is best to keep chair decor subtle. This decreases the chance that it will be ruined or moved while guests are attempting to take their seats. It also decreases the chance that children will be tempted to play with the chair decorations and ruin them. Keep it simple with flower boutonnieres at the end of the aisle or simple ribbon decorations in the wedding colors. Having small, subtle decorations will also make your wedding ceremony look classy and simple.