Which Wedding Venue Suits Your Personality?

When you are considering various wedding venues, personality will play into your decision. Here are some great wedding venue options that work well for different personalities:

An Event Hall

If you are going to choose a standard wedding venue, such as a banquet hall, it shows a straightforward attitude. You know that these venues have everything you need to throw a successful party, from audiovisual hookups to tables and catering equipment for 200 people. If you choose a banquet hall as your wedding venue, you will have plenty of space for guests to intermingle, dance, and move away from the groom's weird second cousin if need be. Choose this as your wedding venue, and a lot of the planning work is done for you. 

A Boat

Boat weddings are for the couples who love romance. What is more picturesque than saying "I do" with the backdrop of a seaside cityscape? Renting out an entire boat is an excellent option if you want a sunset wedding. The wedding party will last the duration of the boat ride, which could include a several-hour trip around a harbor. With boats, you just have to recognize that some people might be seasick and not enjoy your party as much as they could. Another issue with boats can be the size constraints, so this is usually not cost-effective or feasible if you have a very large wedding party. 

An Outdoor Pavilion

The outdoor pavilion wedding is perfect for couples with a taste for simplicity. You will certainly save some money on renting a venue, and you can apply that money towards having better food or entertainment. Or, pocket it for more important expenses, like a honeymoon or a down payment on a house. Outdoor weddings can be great fun, provided that you account for an alternate plan in case the weather isn't up to par on the day of the wedding event. 

A Pop-Up Venue

Want to have your wedding in a unique place that didn't exist before your wedding and won't exist afterward? Creating a pop-up wedding venue could be the choice for creative personalities. A custom-designed tent or structure works well for couples who want to have a themed wedding that doesn't quite fit with any of the existing wedding venues in their area. You'll need to consult an expert on the foundations for even tents, plus the unique building materials and customization options you can use to make your venue a hit. 

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