3 Reasons Pumpkin Patch Trips Are An Excellent Field Trip For Your Little Ones

When the autumn weather settles in after summer and you are looking for a way to entertain your kids for the day, it is always a good idea to take them on a short field trip just to get everyone out of the house. Visiting a pumpkin patch is one of those things that some parents see as a little outdated or cliche, or perhaps not all that enjoyable for the kids, but pumpkin patches have a lot to offer. Take a little time to track down a pumpkin patch in your area, like Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch, for a short field trip because there are a few reasons why these entertainment venues are great for little ones. 

Children get a good look at agricultural processes. 

When you take a child to the local store to pick out a pumpkin that is already grown and harvested, they really don't see much about how hard it was for the pumpkin to get where it is at. If you take your child to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin, however, your child gets a good look at the work that goes into growing a pumpkin. The kids will see the pumpkins growing in the field and what it takes to pick a pumpkin from the field. Plus, some pumpkin patches will give the kids at the event an even closer look at things like the seed germination process, planting, and the ways pumpkins are used after harvesting. 

Children get to enjoy outdoor activities while at the patch. 

Most pumpkin patches offer far more than just the ability to go in the field and pick your pumpkin. many have extra activities for the kids to enjoy that go along with farm life, such as:

  • Visiting some of the farm animals or taking advantage of a petting zoo
  • Taking hayrides to and from the pumpkin patch or around the farm 
  • Playing outdoor games or enjoying outdoor play 

Children get to experience something that could become a tradition. 

Many families go to a pumpkin patch every year to pick out their pumpkins, so it becomes somewhat of an autumn tradition when Halloween is drawing near. Having these annual traditions is an excellent way for children to grow up appreciating specific points in time that were always dedicated to sharing experiences with the family. Some pumpkin patches even do pictures to send home with families after their visit is over so they will always have something to remember the day.