4 Things To Understand About Catering For A Business Event

If your business is putting on a large event that requires food, you are going to need to work with a caterer. Working with a catering company is a custom process, so it helps to know what your business is looking for. Here are a few things you need to know about how the process of working with a catering company will go when you are handling a corporate event.

#1 Catering Companies Can Work with a Variety of Venues

One of the best parts of working with a catering company is that they can work with your venue. Many catering companies are able to work in venues regardless of if there is a kitchen or not.

If there is not a kitchen, the catering company will prepare the food in their own kitchen and bring a mobile kitchen that will allow them to cook and prepare the food on-site. If your venue doesn't have a kitchen, you are going to want to work with a catering company that has a mobile kitchen.

#2 Catering Packages Are Adjustable

When you look at many catering websites, you will see catering packages. Keep in mind that these catering packages are just a general starting point. Catering companies put together catering packages in order to make it easier for individuals who want to make a quick choice. However, most catering companies are more than willing to work together with you to create a custom package and menu.

#3 You Can Ask for a Tasting

If you have never worked with a particular catering company before, and you want to make sure that the quality of their food meets your standards, see if the catering company can hold a tasting for you. Most catering companies will provide a tasting for two individuals as a complementary part of their package. If more than two individuals will be present, or if you need more than one tasting, be prepared to pay for these extras. A tasting is an expense for a catering company, so don't expect to get extras for free. Some catering companies have weekly tastings for all of their clients.

#4 Other Services Are Available

Be aware that many catering companies can provide more than just the food for your event. Many catering companies will also take care of your drinks, and run the bar for for your event as well.

Many catering companies will provide you with a host of other rental options, ranging from chairs, tents, chair covers, lines, and china. Some catering companies also offer additional event planning services, such as DJs, Emcees, and other entertainment options.

When planning a business event, find a corporate catering company to work with right away. Keep in mind that their catering pre-planned menus are just a starting point, and most catering companies are more than happy to create a custom menu for your event and provide you with a tasting as well. Many catering companies offer additional services, so be sure to see how else the catering company you hire can help you out.