Plan A Tranquil Poolside Gathering

A pergola tent consists of a fabric covering that is supported by framework. Shimmery or flowing materials, delicate foliage, and strategically placed lighting can promote a sense of romanticism and tranquility. If you are going to be welcoming the beginning of the summer this year with an evening poolside party, add a row of pergola tents to the sides of the pool to contain your guests during dinner and social activities. 

Choose The Style Of Each Tent

A solid tent color that is either white or black will not compete with the water feature's beauty but instead will complement it and allow it to shine as the backdrop of the party setting. Each pergola tent should be uniform in size and style so that the coverings can be used to create a straight border along one or more sides of the pool.

Speak to a party rental business such as Best  Price Tents to find out how many people will comfortably fit underneath each pergola. This will help you decide how many pergolas are needed for the gathering.

One pergola can be used to house buffet food items, and a couple others can be used for seating your guests during dinner. If you would like to provide your invitees with a viable way to view the pool as they relax, then reserve an additional pergola that can be used predominantly for viewing or speaking to one another.

Dress Up The Party Location

If the pergola tents that you acquired contain bare wooden or metal frames, tie some silky or shimmery material around them to provide the enclosures with a fancier appearance. Any type of flowers will add a pop of color to the dinner tables or edges of each pergola's fabric covering. Choose garland style floral arrangements if you would like to drape colorful flowers along the edges of each piece of fabric.

Fill small glass bowls with water and place lilies inside of each decorative piece. Use the filled bowls as centerpieces. If you are going to showcase the pool during the party in hopes of encouraging some of your guests to take a dip, then floating flowers and soft lighting may be appealing.

Bulbs that are used in lights, both underneath the pergolas and around the pool area, should be a low wattage so that a calm and relaxing setting is maintained. Use faux crystal lamps or hanging lanterns to light up the area under each pergola and light strings or LED glowing orbs to light up the pool area.