Postponing Your 2020 Wedding? 4 Steps to Success

With many areas in the United States restricted from large gatherings, many weddings must be canceled or postponed. If you think you may be in this unfortunate situation, how should you handle the sudden change? Here are a few key steps to take.

1. Decide Early. The earlier you make the call to change your wedding date, the better it will work for everyone. First, you will get a better pick of new dates for things like banquet hall rental services and caterers if you get in line before the rest of the couples doing the same thing. In addition, those vendors and rental companies may be able to refund some or all of your money. They will also be more apt to work again with someone who showed the respect of canceling before it was the last minute. 

2. Secure Your Priorities. A rescheduled wedding may not be able to include absolutely everything your original plans would have included. Prioritize the most important aspects — like a banquet hall, your dress, or the cake — and arrange your new plans around the availability of these few key elements. 

3. Alert Guests. Whether or not you have decided to postpone your nuptials, start talking with bridal party members, family, and guests. Ask for their feelings on the matter. Some people will likely already be anxious about attending a large gathering, so they may be very supportive of your decision. And if you give them a heads-up that a postponement may occur, they may also avoid extra cost or trouble making travel arrangements. 

4. Simplify. Planning what works out to essentially two large weddings may be more stressful — and expensive — than the one you had originally planned. If you must reschedule, consider paring down your list and expectations for the new date. You will likely lose out on some deposits or have less choice when shopping for replacement elements. Free up your budget to absorb these costs by reducing the overall size and scope of the new event. 

5. Relax. Remember that your wedding day should be one of love, romance, joy, and excitement. If dealing with the planning during these uncertain times is robbing you of any of these emotions, consider simply putting it on hold for a longer period of time. You'll still be in love next year, and you may have even more joy from taking on wedding planning after weathering the pandemic stress. 

Many things are challenging during a global emergency, but rescheduling your wedding shouldn't be one of them. If you decide early, prioritize your new wedding elements, and choose the best time, you can ensure that the happiest day of your life will remain the happiest day no matter when it happens.