Choose This Type Of Table For Your Wedding Cake

One of the many tables that you'll want to rent for your wedding is a table on which you can display your wedding cake. It's common for people to rent a specific table with this purpose in mind, and choosing the right table will be important. While you'll obviously want to assess your options and rent something in a style that matches your overall wedding's theme and that suits any other pieces of furniture that you'll have at your venue, there are a few specific design elements that you should look for when you browse the selection of tables.

Round Top

In most cases, a table with a round top will be a good choice for displaying your wedding cake. Wedding cakes are often circular, and a table that has a round top will create a visual match that works well. Many of the tables that you'll rent for your wedding will likely be rectangular in shape. For example, it's common to have rectangular tables to hold the gifts that you receive and to display the party favors that your guests will take before they leave. When you have a table with a round top, it will often stand out and look special — which is important because it has a special role in displaying your cake.

Small Diameter

Round top tables are available in many different sizes. In general, you'll want to choose a table that has a small-diameter top to hold your wedding cake. Not only will this design help to keep the table from taking up more space in your venue than necessary, but it will also allow people to see the intricate details on the cake when they approach. If the table's diameter is too big, people may struggle to get close enough to the cake to see it. Some people might even bend forward to the extent that they put their hands on the table, which you don't want. A small-diameter top will avoid this issue.

Thick Base

Make sure to also take note of the base beneath the top of the table that you'll use to hold your wedding cake. While some round top tables have thin, light bases, you'll generally want something with a base that is on the thicker and heavier side. This will provide a good amount of stability for the table, which is important. For example, if an excited child were to see the cake and grab the side of the table, they wouldn't be able to knock it over when you choose a table with a thick, heavy base.

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