Hosting A Wedding During COVID: Things To Look For In A Venue

Finding a private venue to host your wedding during COVID can be tricky, but knowing what to look for can help you find a beautiful and safe location for your special day. Here are some things to consider as you begin your search for a perfect wedding venue. 

Flexible Seating Options

Regardless of the vaccination status of your guests, social distancing is important when planning your wedding. Talk to each venue you visit to ensure flexible seating options. You'll want to make sure the reception area is large enough to accommodate your guest list while still allowing plenty of room between guests. Instead of round tables, you may want to consider banquet tables with all guests facing the same direction. This can help make everyone feel more comfortable while they are unmasked and eating dinner. You may also want to seat fewer people at traditional round tables. Your wedding venue of choice should be able to present a few different options to accommodate social distancing measures. 

Staggered Event Times

Traditionally, banquet halls might have several events planned at the same time. This presents a challenge during COVID, as guests from many parties might all be arriving at the front entrance or congregating in restrooms at the same time. If you decide to look at private event venues with more than one ballroom or banquet room, ask about how many other events will be held at the same time as yours. Ideally, your wedding will be the only one happening to ensure fewer people in common areas of the building. Should this not be possible, consider asking about how different entrances and restrooms can be used to keep the individual parties separated. 


Proper ventilation is one way to help combat the spread of COVID and other diseases that might be spread through the air. Ask if the windows in the venue can be opened or if the facility has upgraded its ventilation system to help ensure fresh air is circulating throughout the room during the wedding and reception. Some venues might have French doors that open up onto a patio. This option can be great for providing extra ventilation as you and your guests enjoy your big day. 

Staff Safety Protocols

Of course, you'll also want to know that the staff at any venue you select is following proper safety protocols. Ask about masking for the waitstaff and the kitchen staff to help put your mind at ease. You may also want to look for a venue that requires vaccination for all staff members who are able to receive the vaccine. Proof of vaccination, masking, and proper social distancing by the staff can help ensure the health and safety of your guests as well as their loved ones. 

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