Reasons To Choose A Tent With A High Ceiling

When you need to rent a tent, one of the first things that you'll be thinking about is the square footage of this structure. It's important to ensure that your tent will be large enough to accommodate the number of people who will attend your event. Additionally, you should also be thinking about the height of the tent. Tents of all sizes are available in several different heights. Provided that you have enough overhead clearance in your area — which is something to confirm if there are trees near where the tent will be — it's ideal to choose a tent with a high ceiling. Here are some reasons why.

Spacious Feel

A tent that has a high ceiling will offer more of a spacious feel than one with a low ceiling. The latter environment can feel smaller than it actually is when it's full of people. Some of your guests may even feel as though the space is a little claustrophobic, which could affect their enjoyment of the event — especially if the event is going to last for several hours. With the ceiling high above peoples' heads, they'll feel as though they're in an area that is a lot more spacious.

Overhead Decorations

When there's more open space overhead, you'll have a lot more options when it comes to decorating the interior of the tent. A tent with a low ceiling, conversely, may not give you enough room to hang decorative items overhead. For example, if you're planning your wedding and you like the idea of having draperies hung from the ceiling of the tent or several helium balloons suspended against the ceiling, a higher ceiling will allow you to implement these ideas and still have the tent feel fairly spacious.

Not Too Hot

If you're renting a tent for a summer event, you need to be aware that a hot day on the day of your event could be problematic. A good way to keep your guests comfortable is to ensure that you choose a tent with a high ceiling. Heat rises, which means that it can rise well above peoples' heads when there's room in the tent. This will help to keep the air more of a moderate temperature closer to the ground. In a tent with a low ceiling, the rising heat will be closer to people's heads, which can cause them to be hot and uncomfortable. Keep the height of the tent in mind as you browse your options.

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