LED Displays For Outdoor Performances

Productions like "Shakespeare in the Park" or outdoor concerts may draw large crowds, as many people prefer to leave the house when hoping to enjoy some entertainment. However, not every production can get its advertising in front of all the eyes who need to see it. One idea worth considering involves using outdoor LED video walls to hype an upcoming outdoor show. Sometimes, the moving images on the video wall could be more than enough to attract people to hang around or return to the location to watch a later performance. 

Performances and Displays

No one knows what a Shakespearian production looks like until they see it. The same applies to musical acts, many of which rely on visuals to generate an appealing performance. While posters and other materials provide insights into what audiences expect, a moving image may deliver the best insights. A video wall display could show highlights from past performances. Putting the LED video walls near an exterior stage and running them in the hours preceding the performance could generate a buzz. LED video, in particular, may highlight the best elements of the production.

LED Visuals and Their Impact

LED video walls have many exceptional technological benefits going for them. The video walls offer incredible colors and contrast, which makes them difficult to ignore. The enhanced visual display could sometimes bring out a performance's subtle, wondrous touches that add value. If a play offers colorful, authentic period costumes, the high resolution from a video wall display may highlight them. Quality video recordings may drive home the point that the performance's production values are top-of-the-line and worth checking out. So, there could be a valuable marketing element to setting up the display.

The Positive Factor

Enhanced resolution and bright colors could have a psychological impact on those watching the display. The brightness may instill an upbeat attitude about the upcoming performance since the highlight reel makes everything look so engaging. A captivating display may have much value to those hoping to impress would-be audiences.

Live Performance Assists

The audiences need not be "would-be" ones, either. Utilizing the displays during the performance could help audiences pick up on subtle things occurring on stage. Outdoor venues don't always have the best vistas, and a LED display with a live feed could keep audiences engaged.

Those producing the shows should procure the best LED displays possible. Hiring someone who understands how to position and display them for the best results seems equally advisable.