4 Services To Consider When Looking For Event Space

When looking for event space, there are many important services to consider looking into. If the venue provides these services, it can definitely be easier to determine whether or not the event space is going to be accommodating for you and your guests. Here are four services to consider when you are looking for event space in Chicago: Catering: Many event spaces in Chicago will provide catering services to come with your reservation of the space. Read More 

3 Laws For Choosing Music For Your Wedding Reception

One of the most fun parts of your wedding planning is likely to be choosing the music to be played at the reception. It's the soundtrack to one of the most special times of your life that you'll share with your nearest and dearest. These three laws for choosing music can ensure that your wedding reception is a lively, fun, and dynamic celebration of joy and love. Always Vet the Talent Read More 

Want To Plan A Huge Event For Your Business But Don’t Have A Clue? Hire Event Planners First

Are you considering a large corporate event to market your business but you aren't sure where or how to start the planning? If so, it may be necessary to call in an event planning company to make sure everything goes as planned. It can be challenging to know how to plan in advance, and what all you'll need, plus managing the event while it's taking place is hard. Here are a few things you want to have ready when you sit down to meet with a potential event planning company to do the work. Read More 

Three Hidden Costs That Could Harm Your Wedding Venue Budget

You have found the perfect venue for your big day. You have a budget and fortunately the venue fits in perfectly with how much you wanted to spend. Once you have planned all the rest of the details of your wedding, you can then sit back and enjoy the moments before you walk down the aisle. Once you get your bill for the venue, you may be surprised to find out it is more than you thought. Read More 

More Than Just Eye Candy: 2 Ways Trade Show Models Can Help Make Your Next Show A Huge Success

If you will be attending your first trade show as a business owner, then you may be debating on whether to hire trade show models to help draw attention to your display or not. You may think that these models are simply "eye candy" to attract more eyes to your display, and while that is one benefit of having models present, it is not the only benefit if you plan the models' tasks wisely. Read More